Home Health Contracting Services

PT Concepts Therapy Services provides the best home rehab services for the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We work with patients in the comfort of their own homes, caregiver homes, or assisted living residences to provide the care they need to recover from injuries or illness to help regain their independence. We have a variety of rehab specialists which include PTs, PTAs, OTs, COTAs, and SLPs.

Our services include:

    Physical therapy: We help patients improve their range of motion, strength, and endurance. We also help patients learn how to manage pain and prevent further injury. We focus on restoring function, patient and caregiver education, and overall safety in home and possible return to community.
    Occupational therapy: We help patients regain the skills they need to perform daily activities, such as dressing, bathing, and eating. We also help patients adapt their homes to make them more accessible.
  • Speech therapy: We help patients improve their communication skills, such as speaking, swallowing, and understanding language.

We can provide care depending on our patients and caregivers’ needs and have a staff that can provide a variety of services that will help them meet their goals. Our patient centered focus ensured our clients receive the best possible care.

Benefits of Choosing PT Concepts Therapy Services

    We have a team of experienced and licensed healthcare providers. Our therapists have years of experience working with patients in need of home health services.
    We are committed to providing high-quality care. We use evidence-based practices and we are constantly updating our skills and knowledge.
    We are flexible and can accommodate patient and agency needs.
    We understand that every client is unique and we work to create a care plan that meets our clients specific needs.
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